Legal Rights

It is up to you to protect your legal rights!
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If I am injured, in general how does the system work?

If you are injured through the fault or negligence of someone else, you have the right to bring a claim for payment of “damages” like lost wages and medical bills and a settlement for permanent injury. Most people and companies have insurance to pay benefits on their behalf, and so your claim is really against their insurance company.

Will the insurance adjuster protect my interests?

No. Our legal system is known as an “adversary” system, which means that each side only looks out for their own interests. That means the insurance company only looks out for themselves through their adjusters and attorneys, and the injured person must protect their own interests through their own adviser, such as an attorney.

Do I have to allow the adjuster to record my conversation?

No. The insurance company has no right to record your conversation, despite what they may tell you. Common sense tells you that any recorded statement will be used to help their side of a claim, not yours.

Are there time limits for filing a case?

Yes and the time limits, known as a statute of limitations, are very unforgiving. If you do not file your case within the time limits set by the law, your case is over with forever. Time limits for filing a case vary depending on the specific type of case, so you should consult with an attorney expert in this field of law to find the time limit for your type of case.

If the insurance company knows about my claim is the time limit stopped?

No. Only the filing of a lawsuit will stop the statute of limitations from expiring. Just because the insurance company seems to be cooperating or friendly to you, does not mean that all your rights or time requirements have been protected. Remember, the insurance adjuster is only required to protect their interests, not yours.

This content is intended to provide general information and guidance only. You should see an attorney and obtain advice if you have questions or concerns regarding your work injury. Most lawyers will not charge any fee for an initial consultation to review your case. Only by asking questions and obtaining answers will you obtain the rights and benefits to which you are entitled.